July 14, 1868 ~ One Fellows’ Tape Measure

Can you imagine a world without measurement?

What if we just eyeballed everything?

Measurement is an essential part of life. Without measurement, scientists couldn’t conduct experiments or form theories; Carpenters couldn’t build cabinets; bakers couldn’t bake; planes wouldn’t fly; we couldn’t calculate distance; and we wouldn’t even be able to tell time.

Not only is measurement important in science and the chemical industry, it is essential in farming, engineering, construction, manufacturing, commerce, and numerous other occupations and activities.

July 14, 1868 marks a milestone for measurement and science as a whole.

Why? Because today, Alvin J. Fellows patented the Measuring Tape: forever ensuring that contractors everywhere could measure twice and cut once.

Today, we cannot fathom a world without the measuring tape, when the rule of thumb reigned supreme and little dab will do ya was good enough.

This seeming innocuous invention may seem like a small step forward, but in reality it was a giant leap for man kind.

Now, Alvin Fellows didn’t invent the Tape Measure per se. That credit goes to James Chesterman of Sheffield, England,

What Alvin Fellows did was invent the tape measure design we know today: a unique combination of a case, cover plate, click spring, lever and knob.

Fellows’ improvements were basically a new way to attach the spring clip, allowing the tape to be locked in any position until the clip was released.

And that’s how a fellow named Fellows got the first U.S. patent for a spring tape measure whose value has stood the test of time.

Yes, the invention of the Tape Measuring tape is a milestone in our evolution which makes calculations solvable in a jiffy and allows us to quantify innumerable equations in two shapes of a lamb’s tale.

Because of the Tape Measure, mankind’s achievements may go the distance in both meters and yards and allow our accomplishments to endure the test of time.

Let’s give a hand or two to Alvin Fellows for the Tape Measure.


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