August 17th ~ Pershing, the 81st Division, and the Cat

It’s August 17th and that means it is Black Cat Appreciate Day, a day that aims to dispel the myths surrounding black cats.

Coincidentally the very first Shoulder Sleeve Insignia patch in the United States Army was designed by the 81st Infantry Division which was organized during World War I at Camp Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina. And their symbol is a Black Wildcat.
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August 16, 1780 ~ The Battle of Camden, SC

Following setbacks at Saratoga and Monmouth, the British decided to renew their “southern strategy.”

In May 1780 British forces successfully captured Charleston, South Carolina and spread out from there.

Horatio Gates, was sent south in July to counter the the British advance. He immediately moved towards British controlled Camden with his regulars and mostly militia troops from several states.

Alerted to Gates’ movements, General Lord Cornwallis reinforced the British garrison at Camden.

On August 16th, Gates’ forces collided with Banister Tarelton’s dragoons just north of the city.

When the battle commenced, 800 British regulars tore through 2,500 mostly inexperienced militia troops on the American left.

The Continental regulars launched a determined counter-attack, but a charge by Tarleton’s cavalry in the Continental rear sealed the British victory.

Tarleton would later say, “rout and slaughter ensued in every quarter.”

Following the battle, Gates was relieved of command and South Carolina was squarely under the control of British Forces; But the guerrilla tactics of Francis Marion and others was just beginning .

August 15, 1945 ~ Setting of the Rising Sun


At noon Japan Standard Time on August 15, 1945, Japanese Emperor Hirohito spoke to his people via radio for the first time.

Never before had the common people of Japan heard the voice of their Emperor.
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August 12-21, 1944 ~ The Battle to close the Falaise Pocket

The Third U.S. Army under the command of LTG George S. Patton has been steaming across France since being unleashed on August 1st.

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