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Ag+Art Lanacaster Tour Opens June 17

The annual South Carolina AG+Art Tour hits Lancaster County June 17 & 18 for its 5th year. ¬†Ag+Art is the nation’s largest free, self-guided farm tour ¬†featuring local artisans and farmers markets and throughout the month of June encourages visitors to see first-hand where their food comes from and to watch artists in action.

We visited with Lancaster County Tour organizer Cherry Doster to find out more about this years activities.



Roadside Buzz – Henry River Mill Village: aka: “District 12” in the Hunger Games ~ Burke County, NC

Just outside of Hildebran, North Carolina on Henry River Road, about 1/2 mile from exit 119 near Hickory sits the abandoned¬†Henry River Mill Village. ¬†The community isn’t a recent victim of economic woes, but a remnant of a bygone error. ¬†It is also the site chosen to serve as the deprecated District 12 in the movie The Hunger Games.

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The Visit to the National White Water Center ~ Charlotte, NC

We took a trip out to the National Whitewater Center, just west of Charlotte, to see what all the fuss was about. This outdoor enthusiasts theme park offers everything for the big kids, including hiking, mountain biking, ziplines, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and of course whitewater kayaking.

Even better, once you’ve had your fill of the sun and fresh air, you can kick back and have great Carolina craft beer while watching others overcome their obstacles and activities of choice.