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July 21, 1861 ~ The First Battle of Manassas

The First Battle of Bull Run: At Manassas Junction, Virginia was the first major battle of the U.S. Civil War and resulted in a smashing victory for the upstart Confederate army.

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July 20, 1969 ~ One Giant Leap for Mankind

July 20th is National Moon Day and today we take a look at the spaceflight that first landed humans on the moon: Apollo 11.

Following World War II, Space, the final frontier, became a critical theater in the Cold War between the United States and Soviet Union, as each side competed to best the other’s achievements in what became known as the Space Race.

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July 18, 1863 ~ 2nd Battle of Fort Wagner


The Second Battle of Fort Wagner, Morris Island one of the most iconic battles of the U.S. Civil War.  It happen in Charleston, South Carolina on July 18, 1863.

Although Charleston was an important port for the Confederates early in the war, by 1863, the Union blockade of the city early in the war had bottled up Charleston Harbor. But, Charleston was symbolic of the Confederate cause, so its capture would be a major prize for the Union.

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July 15, 1900 ~ Dan Daly: The Volunteer Spirit

There are countless acts of bravery, selfless courage, and distinguished conduct that our men and women of the armed forces have demonstrated throughout the history of the United States Military.

More than 3500 medals of Honor have been awarded since its inception.

But only 19 men have have earned the military’s highest award for valor twice.

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