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July 19, 1814 ~ Samuel Colt and the Revolver

When you think of the American west, you think of cowboys, outlaws, and gun flights.

The man that made all that possible, American inventor Samuel Colt was born on July 19, 1814.

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July 16, 1945 ~ The Birth of the Atom Bomb

July 16, 1945 – The United States conducted its first test of an atomic bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

Early in World War II, the United States learned that Nazi Germany was working to develop an atomic weapon.

This revelation raised more than a few red flags and led to the establishment of the Manhattan Project in August 1942.

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July 11, 1798 ~ Happy UnBirthday U.S. Marine Corps

It’s July 11th.  Happy Unbirthday to the United States Marine Corps.

The United States Marine Corps” Birthday is celebrated every year on 10 November, the day that the Continental Marines were first established by the Congress in 1775.

But, because the Marines are just that Awesome, they have a 2nd Birthday July 11th
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Hyde Brewing Co. ~ Charlotte, NC

They may be one of the new kids on the block, but The Hyde Brewing Company and Suffolk Punch Restaurant in Charlotte has put its own twist on the Queen City’s craft beer scene.

We stopped in at this COMBINATION Coffee shop / Taproom / Restaurant & Fermentation lab located at 2911 Griffith St in South End Charlotte and discovered what best can be described as a culinary experience.

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