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“Why Fries?” 

We ran into a couple of #Brits and asked them why they like #US 🍟.  Find out why! Thx @whatthefriesCLT

The Bites at Bebo’s Mac Shack ~ Charlotte, NC

If you’re a Mac & Cheese fanatic than you haven’t lived ’til you’ve tried the one and only Bebo’s Mac Shack.  The mobile eatery works its way around Charlotte so whenever you get that urge for the ultimate comfort food they’re just around the corner.  

BNB  took a second to visit with Bebo’s and talk about the biz. Check them out:
Twitter & Facebook @BebosMacshack

The Bites at Puka Dog ~ Koloa, HI


I hadn’t heard of Puka Dog before I was dragged here by a coworker. We were on Kauai for the day and had a very tight window for an opportunity to get a bite to eat I figured since we were in Lihue we’d checkout some joint in the area. But noooo. He had to drive us half way across the island to Koloa off of Poipu Road.

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The Buzz from the FreshMed Food Truck ~ Charlotte, NC

Grand opening of the newest #Charlotte #Foodtruck @FreshMedCLT. Great #Mediterranean food , including a fantastic Falafel.

@FreshMedCLT #FoodTruck #Charlotte