The Buzz at Bulldog Beer & Wine ~ Charlotte, NC

BulldogsBulldog Beer & Wine located at 2447 Park Rd in the Dilworth area of Charlotte is not your typical watering hole, but one step inside and it will keep you coming back time and again.

We first experienced this joint at a recent beer festival during craft beer month. They weren’t technically open, but the staff was on hand as well as the big boss (Rob) and their uber-friendly Bulldogs: No bark and all love.

The setup is like visiting your best friend’s converted garage. Almost a man-cave feeling going on here that includes a very large bar area. The bar itself probably seats 30 or so patrons and includes TVs to keep you constantly entertained.  The seating area just off the bar is complete with whiskey barrel-styled tables and simple metal stools. You can’t fit a large group around a barrel, but a few folks can gather in small groups to sip on one or several of the rotating local craft brews they have on tap .


With 13 or so draft beers of varying styles and gravity available at any given time, they have a selection that will wet the most discriminating palate. They list their available drafts in chalk on the wall just off to the side of the bar. I like that. To many places have gone to high-tech methods of showing off their selections. We’re not buying a car, we want a good brew and to much technology is confusing information that should be simple understand. Chalk and a wall says it all. Just tell me the name, style, ABV, pour price, and growler sizes and prices. Just the basics, Ma’am. Bulldog has this down pat.

But Bulldog isn’t just a tasting shop, it has a huge selection of beer and wines to go. Three or four big refrigerators packed with all shapes, sizes, and varieties from the Carolina’s and beyond line the walls. Chilled and room-temp beers and wines are also available if you prefer warmer drinks.

All in all, Bulldog is a great place to visit for a pint or to pickup something to enjoy at home. The parking lot is problematic. Popularity has made navigating in and out a bit of a challenge, but it is well worth the visit.

Kudos all around


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