The Buzz at Main St. Bottle Shop ~ Rock Hill, SC


I think that when the term hole-in-the-wall was first uttered somebody was referring to the Main Street Bottle Shop at 153 E Main St Rock Hill in South Carolina.

If you blink, you’ll miss it. Chances are you won’t see it from the road if you’re driving by. And, you’ll likely walk right by if your yapping away and not paying attention. It’s such a small place: probably 8-feet wide, you could lie down on the floor, stretch your arms out, and touch both walls.

Now in terms of depth, it’s deep.  So deep in fact, I felt like I was walking through the wardrobe heading to Narnia.  Once inside you’ll pass rack after rack of specialty beer (local and beyond) until you finally emerge in the bar “area.”

I am beyond amazed at how they have been so efficient at packing so much good stuff into such a tiny place.  Their selection to go beer is exceptional for Rock Hill.  In point of fact, on some levels it is better than many of the surrounding areas, including into South Charlotte.

The bar area is exceptional.  As I said, it is is way in the back and it’s a tight squeeze. In addition to the 8 stools that line the bar, they have a single picnic table for “larger” groups.   And once you’re seated and ready to get a pint, you’re so close to the taps that you could almost reach out and pour it yourself.  Speaking of taps, Main Street has 12 rotating taps for your pleasure.  You can sit and drink til your heart’s content or simply fill your growler for future enjoyment … Or you could do both.

We had a drink or three and rapped about the area with Kendra.  In addition to manning the bar she helped out the steady flow of patrons who stopped by to peruse the to go selection.  She was an encyclopedia of info about beer. If you’re weak on your taste preferences you should look her up.  She also took our pic and put it on the Legends of Beer Wall  opposite the bar. Great touch.

Awesome little shop with a big selection.



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