The Buzz at Patriot Taphouse ~ Tega Cay, SC

Been meaning to drop in here for some time.  Love the theme just off the bat. After battling the rush hour traffic The Patriot Taphouse located at 2150 Gold Hill Rd in Tega Cay is welcome oasis complete with your favorite comfort foods and craft beer galore.

We arrived about opening time at 4PM and since we were once step ahead of the traffic, it wasn’t all that hard to find parking.

As is our SOP, we blew right by the overly sweet hostess and headed to the bar area.  Now, let me tell you this with all sincereoty. The bar here is what a bar area is supposed to be.  

The bar itself seems to go on forever and of course we sat there to enjoy the nice selection of TVs and close proximity to the bartenders. Dan, who was serving quite a few patriots/patrons was with us in a jiffy.  We asked for and received a beer menu that does list ABVs. Schwing. 🍻

Lots of beer choices and the ABVs are decent with a few in the 8% arena, including a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale that leads the draft pack at 8.2%.  At just $5.75 for a 12 ounce, that’s a sweetheart deal. With over 30 beers on tap 👏 and uber decent prices, this place quickly became my new favorite watering hole.

Dan told us the specials and then retreated for a bit so we could digest the menu. He also let us know that the other bartender on duty was Courtney. She came over and introduced herself as well.  Good service👍.

So, we checked out the menu.  They have freaking fried Oreos as their main dessert. No freaking way.  They had me there, but the rest of the menu reads like a Southern man’s last supper.  Half Price burgers on Monday, Taco Tuesday, Half price wings on Wednesday. My heart is still racing just thinking about it.

Great beers, awesome apps, and a very inexpensive menu overall. Yup, you’ll find me here if you need me. Fantastic place to kickback and relax.


P.S. On a side not, checkout the Men’s restroom if you can. It’s a comic book lovers paradise.


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