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Buzz Talk: The Three Spirits Brewery ~ Charlotte, NC

With a wide array of comfort beers always on tap, as well as very little emphasis on the overly popular IPA’s that are readily available everywhere, the Three Spirits Brewery, located at  5046 Old Pineville Road in Charlotte, North Carolina is unique in a region teeming with exceptional breweries.  But, it’s not just the beer that makes Three Spirits such a draw; it’s the story of the people behind the brews that ranks this brewery among our favorites.

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The Dreamchaser’s Brewery ~ Waxhaw, NC

With nearly 30 breweries in the Charlotte area, Queen City craft beer enthusiasts have lots of choices.  But, sometimes the most interesting places to visit are well off the beaten path.

The Dreamchaser’s Brewery opened its doors in May 2016 just Southeast of Charlotte on the North Carolina / South Carolina border in the town of Waxhaw, North Carolina.  We took a trip to Waxhaw to meet Neal and Anita Gimon about this craft beer way station that is quickly becoming a favorite for beer aficionados from both sides of the Carolina’s.

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@ Booneshine Brewing Company ~ Boone, NC

We took a trip out to Boone, NC to help the Booneshine Brewing Company located at 246 Wilson Drive celebrate their one year anniversary. Who doesn’t like a party?

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Blowing Rock Brewing Co. ~ Blowing Rock, NC

Blowing Rock Brewery, Ale House and Inn
It was my first trip to Blowing Rock, North Carolina, but it was trip I won’t soon forget.

In point of fact I had no intention of visiting Blowing Rock on this trip.  I knew I would pass through this tiny hamlet on my way to Boone, NC for the fourth of July holiday, but I was going to reserve this spot for another time.  Most of what I knew about Blowing Rock was that it is a great spot to visit when you want to escape the mid-summer heat of Charlotte.  After testing this theory for myself I can confirm its authenticity.  The temperature in Blowing Rock was easily 20°F cooler when I passed through just a little over an hour after departing Charlotte; Note to self…must visit here again.

My goal for the weekend was not, however, an escape to a cooler climate, it was to tour around Boone, checkout the scenes, and partake in some of the local craft breweries scattered throughout.   Since there are only three breweries in Boone, I accomplished my intended plan in short order and decided there was time to venture into Blowing Rock which isn’t all that far down the road.  Besides it was on my way home and I knew I would need a pit stop along the way.

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