The Bites at Rocky’s Pizza ~ Huntersville, NC

Had a chance to stop by Rocky’s located at 10310 Wilmington Street in Huntersville.  We were on our  way back from a nice hot day in Cornelius and had pizza on our minds.  I hadn’t heard of this particular pizza joint, but the mood was there so the short detour off the Highway 77 was a no brainer.

When we arrived, Renee immediately greated us and started running through all the great offerings they had.  There was a lot to choose from so we settled on drinking the Hakuna Matata #IPA Craft Brew from the local @D9Brewery and digesting the enormity of their offerings. That hit the spot.

Selecting a good Pizza is bit more challenging here than the chain stores varieties. They have so many combinations that just when you think one sticks out, something else wrestles your taste buds in another direction. 

For us, the big debate was between the Buffalo Chicken pizza with shredded mozzarella, red onions, chicken, and Gorgonzola, and the Bianco which had mozzarella garlic sauce, paremsan, and ricotta. Decisions, decisions … Renne offered to do a half and half, buy cooler heads prevailed and we went with the Bianco.  Yum.

Pizza wasn’t the only item that caught our attention.  Their Chicken & Shrimp Linguini Pasta was a glimpse of heaven and made its way into our To Go order without a second thought:  Best decision ever!

Paul Reitano, the owner came out to visit after he baked our pizza and other items, and gave us some garlic knots to try:  More goodness to go. 

Paul’s great-grandfather Rocky, whom this establishment is named after, had immigrated to the States from Italy by way of New York.  He too was a baker and maker of traditional old world pizzas: Reggio Di Calabria style. Paul picked up the baking bug and has spent his life mastering and fine tuning it.  Today he has a variety of traditional items coupled with some of his own creations. 

Paul moved to Charlotte in 2006 and is carrying on Rocky’s legacy.  That family tradition is obvious in every bite you take.  The quality, care, and craftsmanship that resonates throughout Rocky’s is second to none in Charlotte and beyond.

Rocky would be proud. Buon Apeitito!


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