Lenny Boy Brewing Co. ~ Charlotte, NC

One taste of Lenny Boy Brewing Company‘s Kombucha and you’re  hooked. Until a year ago we had never heard of Kombucha, but this organic energy elixir brewed in Charlotte, NC has become the stuff that dreams are made of.

Lenny Boy was founded in 2011 to make Kombucha, but by 2013 they were also brewing up some fantastic Craft Beer. Why? Because brewing Beer and crafting Kombucha aren’t all that different.  The shift to making both beer and kombucha has been so successful, they relocated to a their new 30k+ facility at 3000 South Tryon in late 2016.
To date we have tried every Kombucha option Lenny Boy offers. Moreover, we make regular pilgrimages on Sunday’s to their taproom to get our growlers filled for the week ahead..

Aside from Kombucha, Lenny Boy brews some amazing beer.  They have a great variety and don’t rely on tons of sugar to  achieve their desired tastes.

So, if you love the craft beer lifestyle, but want to be more health conscious, Lenny Boy in Charlotte is the place to go ~ “Culture Matters!”



Lenny Boy Brewing Company

3000 South Tryon, Charlotte

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