July 17 ~ National Peach Ice Cream Day

It’s July 17th, and that means it’s hot in South Carolina.

But we are in luck, because it is National Peach Ice Cream Day and there is no better place to get a scoop of frozen creamy … peachy sweetness than the Palmetto State.

While Georgia may be the first state to come to mind when we think of peaches, 20 states produce peaches commercially.

Our friends in California actually trounce the nation in peach production, but both New Jersey and South Carolina round out the top 4 producers nationwide.

In point of fact, since 1984, South Carolina has far been the largest producers of Peaches in the southern and nearly triples Georgia peach production some years.

With 54,600 tons of peaches in 2018, South Carolina’s production dwarfed Georgia’s 25,000 tons.

Even combined, though, production of South Carolina and Georgia is minor in comparison to the 510,000 tons of peaches produced by California, which is about five times the size of South Carolina.

Regardless, we all know the sweetest peaches are from the South.

So whether you like yellow, white or the less common red fleshed peaches, make sure you take a a moment and escape the our wonderfully balmy weather with bowl of peaches and Ice cream…or you can just buy a tub of Peach Ice Cream.

Happy National Peach Ice Cream Day!

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