Brewery Tours in the Queen City ~ Charlotte, NC

With over 20 breweries in the Charlotte, NC area and another 20 or so in various stages of planning, finding the time necessary to experience the best craft beer that the Queen City has to offer can be daunting.  North, South, East, and West, beer enthusiasts can spend more time travelling to the various taprooms than getting to partake in their delectable delights.

Fortunately, some local craft beer aficionados have setup a system to take the guesswork out of brewery visits.  Ben Singleton, Liz Nutter, and Nick Campo recently launched Charlotte Brewery Tours with the goal of showing off the best beer and taprooms in the QC.

Tour-goers will be conducted to the various taprooms in a recently renovated and upgraded tour bus named “George.”  As part of the experience, attendees will get schooled on local craft beer 4 taprooms at a time while learning about the ins-and-outs, history, and behind the scenes of brewing up amazing beer!

The kick-off locations and destinations of Charlotte Brewery Tours are always changing, so a trip on George doesn’t have to be a onetime experience.  Each and every trip offers a unique adventure and leaves your palate satiated.

Charlotte Brewery Tours

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